Wolf & Moon biegen mit neuem Video auf die Zielgerade zum Album ein

Am .06.2023 erscheint ihr neues Album „To Get Lost“ – seit letztem Wochenende bereits flimmert die Single „Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows“ in den youtube Kanälen vieler Musiclover …..

Zum Video: „Heavy Loads, Heaven Knows“

Let me help you through
I think you‘re carrying a load for two
I read in your darker eyes
You need a friend to see the other side

I know life is strange
We’re keeping things that we have rearranged
We say goodbye to our past and still
It’s like a postcard on our windowsill

You and I are feeling like We’re not seeing eye to eye Heavy loads, heaven knows What you hide under your clothes You call for light leaks But they don’t come lightly You and I will make it right We’re giving it a bit more time I know you want it too We only want to see the sun break through If all the clouds would move aside Your foggy mind could come alive I needed you You needed me I needed you too You needed me I don’t care how many times I’ll need to pick you up at night

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