The Bishops

“Timeless melodies from the golden era of pop – who says they don’t make ‘em like they used to?” NME What do you get if you combine two mop-topped twins with a gift for classic songcraft, close harmonies, a couple of sharp suits, a powerhouse drummer and the production wizardry of Liam Watson? An A&R man’s wet dream, that’s what. That band already exists. They’re called The Bishops, they’re from London, and their latest single, The Only Place I Can Look Is Down, blends post-Libertines indie with their own potent distillation of classic ‘60s pop. The follow-up to the self-released debut, October 2005’s I Don’t Really Know What To Say, the single will be released on 1-2-3-4 Records, winners of the Bishops bidding war and a happy new home for the band. “What attracted us to 1-2-3-4 was their enthusiasm for the band and the music,” says Pete Bishop, vocals and bass. “They’re an independent label who have a roster of young exciting rock bands, which suits us perfectly at this point in time.” The single was recorded at Toe Rag Studios, the White Stripes-endorsed timewarp presided over by producer Liam Watson. “It was like walking into a film when we first arrived cos the studio is entirely built from vintage equipment,” says Pete. “We’re really pleased with what we did there. Liam brought out a few extra influences and sounds that weren’t evident before. Check out the heavy metal guitar for proof!” The Bishops formed around Pete and his brother Mike (vocals and guitar). The 22 year-old twins met drummer Chris McConville working in their local pub, taking him and his heavy rock tendencies on board shortly afterwards. At this point, the brothers were studying full-time and living in a YMCA hostel. The YMCA boardroom, a dusty space in the hostel’s basement, provided a great place to practice. “We used to rock out standing on the tables playing our guitars,” says Pete. “Living there was fun. We met a lot of different people from all over the world and there was never a dull moment.” Influenced by The Beatles, Chuck Berry, The Everley Brothers, The Zombies, The Who and a raft of rock ‘n’ rollers, surf guitarists and soul singers, the songs came thick and fast. Latterly, having marked themselves out as one of the most exciting live acts in the capital, the band bought into a lovely bit of beat group history, playing shows in Austria and Germany before they’d even toured the UK. “We received such great hospitality and had such a great time,” says Pete. Now, The Bishops are gearing up to play dates around the UK, with an exhaustive tour planned for April. “It’s going to be a big challenge for the band and we’re really looking forward to it,” says Pete. “I’m sure me and Mike will have a good old fashioned punch-up somewhere along the line. It’s just a case of when and where!”

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