Jim Kroft

Memoirs Of The Afterlife

VÖ: 25.02.11

Jackalope Records/The Orchard



MEMOIRS FROM THE AFTERLIFE MEMOIRS FROM THE AFTERLIFE „To be modern is to experience personal and social life as a maelstrom, to find one’s world in perpetual disintegration and renewal: to be part of a universe in which all that is solid melts into air“ Marshall Berman Jim Kroft is in no mood for half measures and is coming out of the lunatic fringe wild and frenzied and swinging blindly. An independent artist living in Berlin, Kroft chronicles life in the 21st century and the adventures of his own spirit. Widely unknown in Europe, he considers himself in exile from the UK. His debut album was released in July 2010 and made considerable impact on the blogosphere before returning swiftly to obscurity. “Kroft is a genuine talent” There Goes The Fear New song Memoirs from the Afterlife is like Esthers staircase set to music. The same melody migrating through different key´s, a paradox leading endlessly back on itself. In this way it attempts to portray the shifting realities facing modern man. The song posits that in the myriad of uncertainties, the polarization of ideas and the morphing of cultures, understanding can only come through acquiescence before the great tide of things. Before leaving the UK, Kroft conducted a series of interviews with men he considers luminaries (James Lovelock (Gaia Theory) & Colin Wilson (The Outsider)). Filled with their revelations and insights, he decided that a life of austerity and discipline would be the only way to ever make a valuable contribution to the great debate. In Berlin he underwent an alternate education for the modern songwriter. One that seeks knowledge from the traditions while keeping atop the crest of the new. Manically back to front and filled with half digested wisdom, Memoirs From The Afterlife (produced by Laura Marling drummer Matt Ingram) will be released on the 21st February 2011 on Jackalope Records. One of the last songs to be mixed at Ray Davies´s famed Konk Studios (by Richard Wilkinson (Adele/Kaiser Chiefs)), the hand printed silk screen artwo´rk comes courtesy of Berlin´s Sunst Brothers. Memoirs from the Afterlife is Krofts latest hunderbolt from the underground.



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