Monthly Archives: Juli 2015

The Subways

  Album: „Young For Eternity“ VÖ: 04.07.2005

The Shins

  Album: “Wincing The Night Away” VÖ 26.01.2007

The Roovers

  Album: „A Sweet Invitation To A Romantic Massacre“ VÖ: 01.04.2010 Single: „Hot Snake“ Label: Fast Lane Records Vertrieb: R.D.S.

The Rifles

  Album: “No Love Lost” VÖ: 17.07.2006 Label: Right Hook/Red Ink Vertrieb: Rough Trade

The Rain

  Single: “I Wish” digitaler release: 02.05.2008 Album: “Involver” VÖ: 20.06.2008

The Pipettes

  Album: “Earth Vs. The Pipettes” VÖ: 25.06.2010 Single: “Stop the Music” VÖ: 25.06.2010 Label: Fortuna Pop!

The Perms

Album: „Sofia Nights“ VÖ: 10.02.2012 Single: High School High VÖ: 10.02.2012 Label: Revolver Distribution Services (R.D.S.) Vertrieb: Cargo Records

The Parlor Mob

  Album: “And You Were A Crow” VÖ: 08.05.2009 Label: Roadrunner Vertrieb: Warner

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